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Zero-to-IPO plots out the life of a high-tech startup in the context of a journey. The journey starts at Zero with the formation of a private company to commercialize a new technology or invention. This journey terminates when the company ceases to exist as a private, independent corporation – at IPO, Acquisition or Shutdown.

picture of author David Smith
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As the title suggests, the book plots out the route from Zero-to-IPO and identifies the milestones and stepping stones along the way. However, it points out that this route may be inappropriate for many startups today and identifies an alternative direct route from Zero-to-Acquisition. This route stimulates the reader to question some of the fundamental principles of business.

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Among other things, the book provides simple step-by-step instructions to:

  .: Guide your startup along the route from Zero-to-IPO.

  .: Structure your company into an appealing M&A target and drive it toward acquisition.

  .: Inject momentum into a company that has slowed or ground to halt.

  .: Navigate a distressed company through a cash crisis.

Written in an easy- and fun-to-read style, Zero-to-IPO includes detailed roadmaps, travel guides and directories of investors, lawyers, banks, publications, agencies and other resources you’re likely to need on your journey.

Zero-to-IPO is now available in Japanese!